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How To Plan a Simple Wedding?

How To Plan a Simple Wedding?

Weddings are one of the most special events one cold go to – whether as a guest or as a bride or groom to be. Since it is a big day, it needs proper planning to make sure that this day becomes a memorable experience for everyone who will be attending it. Although there are plenty of wedding inspirations online that are just so elegant, most of it requires a huge budget to pull it off.

You don’t actually need to exhaust your life savings just to have a memorable wedding day with your partner. In fact, you could make this moment extra special without spending too much and just wiser planning. Here is a simple guide on how to plan a simple yet special wedding everyone would surely remember.

Create a Short Guest List

When planning a simple wedding, the shorter guest list is a lot better. An intimate gathering not only saves you a lot when it comes to expenses, you could also enjoy a cosier event and more quality time with every guest. List the people who are really dear to you and whom you’d really want to spend this special day with to make things more manageable to plan.

Hire a Wedding Coordinator

Some might think that hiring a wedding coordinator is just an added expense. However, if you want a smooth planning and wedding day, hiring one is really essential. They are expert in handling weddings and could make the day flow smoothly. You could even save a lot since they could hook you up with their vendor network.

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Pick a Natural Venue

Look for a wedding venue that looks great even with minimal decorations and setup. Natural venues such as the beach and nature park are the most popular picks. You could save up on decoration costs plus you could also enjoy a beautiful scenery during your special day, great for photoshoots. Really Good Weddings specialize in candid wedding photography, perfect to capture all your special moments on your wedding day.

Wedding and Reception in One Venue

Set your wedding venue and reception in just one place. That way, you could save a lot in renting venues. Your guests could also settle comfortably in one venue without having to worry about travelling to the next spot. It’s also great if you could have all the services and amenities included in the venue itself such as catering, accommodation, and many more.

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Give a Little Freedom

Freedom makes your wedding stress-free and less expensive as well. For guest outfits, you could just give them a colour palette and let them choose their own outfit to wear instead of custom tailoring. You could also opt for a shorter ceremony depending on what is allowed by your budget. There are no fixed rules on how you should host your wedding day.

A wedding can be as simple as it gets but with wise planning, you could definitely make one special and memorable event with your beloved.

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