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How to Surprise Your Wife on Your Anniversary?

How to Surprise Your Wife on Your Anniversary?

A wedding anniversary comes only once in a year, most of the time we are all busy with so many things that its really difficult to sit down and spend some time with your loved one. The wedding anniversary is such an occasion to commemorate the beautiful bond between two people who love each other.


It is important to put everything aside and spend this day with your other half.Planning a wedding anniversary can be quite a task especially if you are planning to do something grand, simple events are also fine because ultimately the thought is what matters.


Different people would want to surprise their loved one in different ways, planning a trip abroad, arranging a cruise, candle light dinner, road trip, the ideas are many. First think about what you want to do or you can arrange events for the entire day.

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Breakfast in Bed

Browse the internet for a different breakfast menu, you can make an English breakfast or anything of your choice. Try to get up early and start preparing a full course breakfast and make tea or any other beverage of your choice serve it in bed. It would be a surprise to have someone serve breakfast in bed, enjoy the food together and converse.


The gifts you could get her are many, if your wife is a person who loves jewellery get a customized necklace, ring, or a bracelet or get her clothes that would suit her or you can even book plane tickets for a vacation.  Along with that make a video montage of all the memories you have shared and get a collage in wooden photo frames.


If you are planning is to spend time abroad pick a location that your wife would like to enjoy, give this gift early on so you can spend your wedding day in another country.

Road Trip

Going around with no particular destination is also fun. pack up your things and just hit the road, go through the most scenic route, if you come across a river or waterfall stop and take some pictures or enjoy a swim together, and if you pass by a nice place and you feel like enjoying it, stop there for a picnic, you can even plan camping outside and converse under the stars.

Treasure Hunt

You can arrange a surprise maybe at a location and place gifts and clues all over the house, and have your wife follow them. For example, place a bouquet next to the bed with a happy anniversary note and a clue to find out the next location and have some other gift there, maybe at the last location place a beautiful dress she could wear and arrange someone to take her to the place where you are.


Cruising is another magical way to spend your anniversary, arrange a candle light dinner on a ship and take your wife there, after having dinner spend some time dancing and enjoy the breeze.

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