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4 Key Factors To Consider When Starting A Wedding Planning Business

If planning parties or big events are one of your biggest passions, then you may have considered being a wedding or event planner at least once. It is a great way of having control of your life, more flexibility and at the same time encounter challenging situations with running your own business. It goes without saying that helping a couple plan their wedding day- one of the most important days of their lives will be very demanding and challenging but highly rewarding. Given below are some important criteria that you will have to consider if you want to become a professional wedding planner.

Do A Thorough Research Of The Industry

Reading up on the wedding industry will give you valuable insights on how it is doing in your own country. In the US for example; this industry accounts for a huge economic turnover where statistics indicate that people spend at least 170 USD on 2.4 million weddings per year. While there is undoubtedly a big market for it, it is important for you to understand what is required from you in order to stand out from the rest of the planners in the industry. It is a highly competitive business that will require long hours, good knowledge of suppliers, negotiations and interpersonal skills. Attention to detail is one of the key characteristics that you want to have in this industry. For example, looking into designer mother of the bride dresses to make sure that everything is in order is key.

Know If You Have What It Takes

There are certain factors that a wedding planner will need to be accustomed to, such as the flexibility in time and how you discipline yourself to get things going. You will have non-conventional hours as opposed to a typical 9-5 job. This means that you will most likely work a lot on weekends too. It will be crucial for you to navigate through problems as and when they rise and still have things going on smoothly. While there are very supportive and easy to work with clients, there will also be occasional encounters with clients who will panic or throw tantrums at the first sign of a problem such as something going wrong with mother of the bride or groom outfits.

Be Patient

Just like any business, it will take time for you to reach profitability and make a stable and large client base. Building a client base, accumulating experience and getting the word out about your business and reputation will all be required in order to be profitable.


Assess yourself objectively and while you slowly progress and establish your business consider what experience you have professionally and personally. Can you make use of your past experiences on making your new career a success? Have you thrown a party or a dinner party before setting your own business? Were there any challenges or lessons learned and how can you make use of that experience to improve your new business? In case you think it is not sufficient experience, you may want to get some experience working with a wedding or event planner and getting some education and knowledge on the field before planning out on your own.

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